Family / Children’s Dentistry

Excellent Care For ALL YOUR FAMILY

At Loy Dental Care, we believe in the same levels of excellent care for children as we do for adults. Many of our patients choose to have all the Family Dentistry treatments provided for by our talented team – some across three generations, and occasionally four!

We pride ourselves on having created a friendly, welcoming atmosphere to provide dental care for children in a fun and pleasant way. We are committed to making your child’s experience as gentle and enjoyable as possible.

A child’s early experience at the dental clinic shapes his or her perception of dental care. By creating positive experiences at Loy Dental Care, we strive to take care of children’s oral health and prevent the development of dental phobias which keep a lot of people from visiting the dentist later in life.

We take care of all aspects of children’s dental care, with a strong focus on preventative dentistry. Our approach is minimally invasive, and we make sure that both the kids and the parents are completely involved in the treatment process.

Children require the same standard of regular dental care that adults do in order to keep their teeth healthy, strong and looking good.

Loy dental Care's Paul demonstrating tooth brushing to a child

Dental Care From an early age

Paul Warwick discussing Dental care with mother and baby

From the time a child’s teeth erupt, it is essential that the child see a dentist on a regular basis. Doing so can better ensure that the child’s overall oral health is maintained.

Additionally, the process of initiating regular dental visits at an early age can set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health habits.

Providing your child with proper dental care is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent. From the time a child’s teeth first erupt, it’s important that the child be provided the best possible dental care possible in order to keep their teeth healthy, strong and attractive.

The earlier you can schedule a dental appointment for your child, the better your chances of securing your child’s dental health. Plus, it can begin your child on the path of a lifetime of good oral hygiene. 

Beginning at about six months old, children’s first set of teeth will begin to push their way through their gums.

Over the next 12 years or so, these initial teeth – or “baby teeth” as they are often called – eventually will fall out and be replaced with your child’s permanent teeth.

But proper dental care begins from the moment your child’s first teeth erupt. 

loy dental care in cookstown branded diagram of adult and childrens different tooth types

Getting your child accustomed to visiting the dentist regularly from an early age is the best way to acclimate them to a lifetime of good oral health. Not only will it help keep your child’s teeth and gums health, but it will allow the dentist to provide instruction on the best oral health practices beginning at an early age. 

Regular dental examinations beginning at an early age also increase your chances of recognizing and dealing with any potential problems before they can become more serious. For example, if a child experiences a heavy build-up of tartar on their teeth, this can be addressed early and quickly before it can result in tooth decay and cavities. Regular examinations, including x-rays, can identify and address possible complications even before permanent teeth come in, such as spacing issues or other concerns. 

Regularly scheduled dental appointments also provide your child the opportunity to learn about best oral health practices, such as the importance of avoiding to many sweets, proper brushing and flossing techniques, and how to prevent teeth from harm during sports and physical activities.

The earlier you can introduce family dentistry into your child’s life, the more comfortable they will be with visiting the dentist for the rest of their lives.

While most people don’t necessarily look forward to a trip to the dentist’s office, if your child has never been or rarely visits the dentist, this can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. But this can be eliminated simply by scheduling regular dental appointments for your child beginning at an early age.

To book an appointment for your family at Loy Dental Care please call 028 8676 6072.


Why are my child’s teeth so important?

Your child’s primary teeth (also known as ‘milk’ teeth) provide a wide range of benefits for your child that go beyond aesthetics. Your child’s teeth also help them to:

  • Move air around the mouth in order to form words and enhance their language skills
  • Bite and chew properly so they can quickly understand this basic fundamental skill
  • Retain proper placement of the teeth so their adult teeth can emerge as they should

Play an active role in your child’s dental health, and they will thank you in the future.

What can you do to help take care of your child’s teeth?

Research has shown that the physical and mental development of a child can be affected by painful teeth and poor oral health. Bring your child in for a regular dental check-up every six months. The dentist may schedule additional visits if your child is susceptible to tooth decay or orthodontic problems. Along with regular dental visits, you can take an active role in helping your child keep his or her teeth healthy.

  • Help your child develop good brushing habits early in life. Brush twice a day and start flossing as soon as the teeth start touching one another.
  • Don’t stock your pantry with too many sugary snacks. Save them for special occasions.
  • Do not let the child go to bed without brushing her teeth.
  • Ask your dentist for suggestions on how to improve your child’s diet.